Developer Tools
Tools: RAD Clarion for Windows, version 6.x
OS: MS Windows, 32-bits only (to use Version stamping)
EasyVersion will allow you :
  • Automatic Build number generation.
  • Automatic generation of fields with Version information for using in Splash and About screens (using Control templates).
  • Possibility of saving/loading of current parameters of the description of the version to/from the "Project".
  • Encryption of constants containing a version information.
  • Export of class variables (with Version information).
  • Version Stamping of exe and dll with the generated version information in 32 bit applications.
  • Possibility to add the additional "free" information into the version.
  • Possibility of use macros like %V%; %L%; %X% in a field "File Name" on the Tab "Version".
  • Possibility of correct formation of EXPORT (EXP) file name depending on macros like %V%, %L%, %X% which were used in the Target file name in the Project (standard templates do not make it).
  • Documenting of process of generation of application using a LOG-file. The template writes in the LOG-file all main information about the changed modules and procedures from the moment of the previous generation. LOG-file contains an information about the name of the APP-module with the description, date and time of creations and modifications, name of changed modules, list of procedures with their names, type, category, type of the template, short and long description, date and time of creation and modification.

  For use EasyVersion following is needed: Clarion for Windows, ABC or Legacy Template Chains.
  You'll get templates, example and complete documentation.

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  (c) Sergey Chushkin, 2000-2009
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